Express Your Love, Say It Loud

Our health is no joke. It’s not to be taken for granted.

Our number can be called any given day without notice.

We only have one family. We only have so much time together.

Check in frequently.

Call your loved ones often. Send more text messages. Make extra visits.

And most importantly, express your love. Say it. Say it loud. Say it often. Make it known. Let it be felt. ❤️

Form Habits and Routines That Serve You

I read some of a book just about every night in bed. I rarely miss anymore.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Last night I was tired.

I wasn’t going to read.

“It’s a holiday.” I could have used that as an excuse.

Make progress every single day no matter how small.

I only read about 2 pages. 2 pages is better than 0 pages.

Progress is progress. Move the needle forward.

If it’s important to us, we’ll make time for it – even on the holidays and weekends.

Habits and routines are powerful. Form ones that serve you.

Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

The other day Meg and I were talking about what our favorite holiday is.

If I had to pick, I would pick Thanksgiving.

It just makes sense to me. It’s full of meaning and what I believe in.

First of all, the words “thanks” and “giving” are in the word Thanksgiving. I believe in giving thanks.

I like that Thanksgiving is not about giving and receiving individual gifts and presents. It’s about sharing. It’s about people and togetherness.

On Thanksgiving Day, we come together.

We celebrate together. We share a meal together. We cook and clean together. We give thanks together. We laugh and smile together. We love each other.

We take time to appreciate our food, family, and friends.

Thanksgiving is about being thankful and grateful. It’s about reflecting on all of the goodness we have in our lives.

If we have food, water, shelter, and clothing, we have a lot to be thankful for. If our needs are met, we’re blessed. If we have the basic essentials and necessities, we have enough.

When the Pilgrims arrived, they didn’t have anything and anybody. They did have each other – and that was enough. We have each other, and that is enough.

Happy Thanksgiving. Give thanks. 🙏🏼❤️

Live in the Present

I was at the gym Sunday morning.

A person told me they had the next 10 days off. The person then said it’s going to go so fast.

Why are we thinking negatively about something positive? Why are we thinking so far ahead? Why are we counting down the days?

It’s hard to enjoy today if we’re thinking 10 days down the road.

Don’t squander the moments we’ve been looking forward too by worrying about the future. Enjoy them.

Live in the present. Live in the moment. Be here and now.

Take one day at a time. Enjoy and appreciate each and every day.

We can find meaning in our loss and through our pain.

I lost my mom in 2013. I got engaged within a year. I was 25 years old.

I no longer wanted to party with my friends. Things that once mattered and were important no longer mattered and no longer were important.

I quickly learned who and what is most important in life – and that is family, health, time, and love.

I probably took my then girlfriend – now wife – for granted before my mom died.

I wanted her beforehand. I needed her afterward.

She stepped up. She took care of me. She filled the void. She completed me.

She was by my side when I lost my mom. She was there for me when I needed her most. She was by my side through some of the deepest, darkest moments of my life. I will never forget that.

I won’t take her for granted again.

We can find meaning in our loss and through our pain.

Love your loved ones, and love them deep and hard.

Thank you Meg for being there for me then and now.

Abs and Obliques

Holy abs and obliques!

I didn’t realize it until I started swimming, but swimming is a great exercise for our ab muscles and oblique muscles.

The reaching, twisting, rotating, and turning really works our core and midsection!

It’s also great for our arms – actually our whole body.

These photos were taken at an outdoor pool when I was in Florida. ☀️