Cultivate Healthy Living

One of the best ways to help others be healthy is for you to be healthy.

Make healthy choices. Create healthy habits. Engage in healthy activities. Prioritize your health. Take care of yourself.

When you live a healthy lifestyle, others are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle.

Lead by example. Be the change. Live well together.

Blind Spots

We all have blind spots.

When I lost my mom, I had to fill a blind spot.

I didn’t even realize I had a blind spot until after she died and the void was exposed.

Whether it is by choice or necessity, fill your blind spots.

Step up. If you’re fortunate, other people in your life will help you.

Surround yourself with others who are strong where you are weak.

Relationships are reciprocal. Return the favor. Fill the blind spots of others. Be their strength.