Certain words are subjective.

Best is subjective. Worst is subjective.

Right is subjective. Wrong is subjective.

Good is subjective. Bad is subjective.

Life is gray. We use reason and judgement.

What one thinks is best, right, and good, another may think is worst, wrong, and bad.

There are some things we may agree on, but there are plenty of things we don’t.

We will always have different thoughts, ideas, opinions, and perspectives.

We are different. We think differently. We feel differently.

We have different experiences. We come from different backgrounds. We were raised differently.

The next time you think one way, remember there is somebody who thinks differently, perhaps the complete opposite.

Who are we to say what is best or worst, right or wrong, and good or bad?

Be open-minded. Be careful to who and what we listen to. It could be a subjective opinion.

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