Are you sick and tired? Fed up and disgusted?

How long will we let our negative habits and behaviors continue?

We may have to hit rock bottom. We may have to make an all time.

Sometimes that’s what it takes to change.

We may change when we get fed up and disgusted with ourselves.

After taking beatings day after day, one day we may wake up and realize we’ve had enough.

We may be sick and tired – sick and tired of feeling like crap, complaining, excuses, and blaming others.

We decide we won’t let the pattern and trend continue. We decide to be accountable and take responsibility.

That’s the day we’ll change.

We have the power to choose. We have the power to change.

We can break free from our old ways. We can create new, positive habits and behaviors.

We can change before we hit rock bottom, but sometimes hitting it is what it takes to turn our lives around. An all time low can serve as fuel and be motivation to change. There’s only one direction to go from rock bottom.

Whether you’re at rock bottom or feeling low, start climbing the mountain today.

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