Fat and Weight, Calories and Physical Activity

There are two ways to lose weight and fat.

1. Cut calories

-Restrict and deprive

2. Increase physical activity

-More food

-More exercise and moving

-More fuel and energy for workouts

-Eat delicious foods

Here’s my take:

I’ve eaten a restrictive diet and deprived myself of food for many years. I still struggle and fight the battle daily. When I restrict and deprive myself, I feel weak, tired, anxious, and depressed. I have no energy, can’t focus, can’t think clearly, and can’t function properly.

I prefer to eat more food and calories so I have energy to run and train.

Food is fuel.

When I eat enough, I have energy to build endurance and strength. I feel better during my workouts, perform better, and am stronger. I also have more energy for normal daily activities and sleep better.

I want to be fit and strong.

Not eating enough and not training is not the answer. We need physical activity.

We can’t out train a bad diet.

Find the right balance and combination for you.

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