Mental Health

There’s a reason health is so important to me and I value it so much.

I’m not just talking about physical health. I’m also talking about mental health.

I’ve been sick mentally. So have my loved ones.

I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve lived it. I’ve witnessed it.

It’s not pretty. It’s far from pretty. It’s nasty.

I look back and don’t recognize myself. I don’t recognize my loved ones.

Mental health issues change us. We’re not the same person.

All of the money in the world can’t make us healthy when we’re sick. When we’re sick, nothing else matters.

If you’re healthy, stay healthy. Maintain it.

If you’re not healthy, drop everything and do whatever it takes to get healthy ASAP.

If you know somebody who isn’t healthy, help them. Support them.

Health is the #1 priority.

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