Remember What’s Important

My Apple Watch broke.

At first I was frustrated. I still am.

It may be good for me.

I now realize I relied too heavily on it. I was attached and dependent. I let it control me.

Activity tracking can be addicting. I was obsessed with the numbers. I tied my self-worth to my activity. My step count consumed me.

We don’t need a watch to move and live an active lifestyle. We don’t need a piece of technology to live healthily and be healthy.

Technology should make our lives easier and better not more stressful and create more work.

Don’t let objects and technology control us.

There’s more to life than step counts and calories burned.

Do I miss my watch? Yes. Can I live without it? Yes.

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded about what’s important. In this case, it’s not the watch. It’s moving, staying active, and living healthily.

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