Different But The Same

Some people complain about others taking government handouts and abusing the system.

The government has bailed out businesses and corporations of all sizes.

Some people and businesses donate to political campaigns.

Why do we donate? Why do we wine and dine our politicians?


For influence, power, and an in. For government contracts. To lobby for rules in our favor.

Aren’t these all forms of taking advantage of the government in some form or fashion? Aren’t these all forms of playing games and using the system?

Before we criticize others, stop and ask ourselves if we’re abusing the system in any way.

This brings me back to a couple sayings: Don’t judge others who sin differently than we do, and don’t throw rocks if we live in a glass house.

We can all be better and do better, so let’s mind our own business.

Let’s take it easy on others and give others the benefit of the doubt.

Oh, and two more things: Be kind to one another and love each other always no matter what.

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