Opportunities Will Appear When We Are Ready

Good things come to those who wait.

Opportunities will appear when we fully commit to finding them.

Opportunities will appear when we do the inner work and know exactly what we want and are looking for.

Opportunities will appear when we put our mind, body, heart, and soul into our search.

Opportunities will appear when we’re living in alignment.

External opportunities will appear after we do the internal work.

Opportunities will appear when we are ready for them.

When the opportunities do appear, be brave. Have the courage to pursue and sieze them.

Be patient. Put our heart and soul behind our hopes, wishes, and dreams. Fully commit. We can realize them and create a better reality.

Good things come to those who wait. Good things also come to those who commit and work and who are determined and persistent.

What the World Needs Now

I don’t need to act hard, tough, and strong. I know I am.

I’ve proven I’m hard. I’ve proven I’m tough. I’ve proven I’m strong physically and mentally.

I’ve survived my parents’ divorce.
I’ve survived my mom’s suicide.
I survive my own battles with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder.
I’ve been lonely, lost, confused, down and out, and on the edge.
I’ve run 3 marathons.

Through all of the tragedy, trauma, and adversity, I choose to be soft. I choose peace and love. I choose to be weak and vulnerable.

I can be hard and tough. I love the pain.

I’m a fighter. I’m a survivor. I’m still living and breathing.

The world doesn’t need more hardness and toughness. The world needs more softness, tenderness, healing, and love.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Not all those who wander are lost.

Some of us are curious and seekers.

Some of us are adventurers and explorers.

Some of us yearn to venture off the beaten path and take our own scenic route.

We were born to roam.

Adventure is stimulating. Fresh, new sights and sounds are invigorating.

When we venture, we come alive.

Life is an adventure. Live a life of adventure.

Adventure awaits, so get out there and live.

Prayer for Humanity

I pray that the hungry find food and the thirsty find water.

I pray that the homeless find shelter.

I pray that those lacking clothing find clothing.

I pray that those without transportation find access to transportation so they can go where they need to go.

I pray that we all have access to health insurance and health care.

I pray that those without work find work.

I pray that we all are kept safe and protected.

I’m asking for a lot, but these are the basics. These are the essentials. We need these things to survive. Nobody should go without them.

Our Common Enemy

Our common enemy is not a single person or group of people.

Our closed, small, low minds are our common enemy.

Humans beings are not our enemies. Here are our real enemies:

Our unwillingness to listen

Our unwillingness to try to understand

Our unwillingness to accept

Our unwillingness to think, feel, communicate, express, and share

Our unwillingness to change

Our unwillingness to see things from different perspectives

Our unwillingness to dig deep and go beyond the surface level

Holding on to the past, old ideas, and old ways of thinking and living

Greed and selfishness

The quest for power and fortune at all costs

Our unwillingness to help others

Jealousy, envy, and comparison


Fighting and violence

Our egos

Thinking we are right and know everything

We can defeat our enemies by:

Connecting, communicating, and listening

Loving and caring

Being kind and compassionate

Being patient and empathetic

Serving and helping others

Being humble

Accepting and trying to understand

Being open, embracing new, and giving others a chance